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SIAL Innovation

SIAL Innovation,food trend and innovations,discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL Shanghai exhibitors,analyse consumer trends and new products in the asian agri-food market.


La Cuisine

La Cuisine discover the creative gastronomic inspiration of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS),with original culinary demonstrations and competitions.


Chocolate World

SIAL Shanghai 2020 Chocolate World is coming soon. You can review Chocolate World in SIAL Shanghai 2020.Click for more details.


Seafood Fest'

SIAL Shanghai 2021 Seafood Fest' is coming soon. You can review Seafood Fest' in SIAL Shanghai 2021,click for more details.



Livestreaming commerce: is one of the important online activities in SIAL Shanghai. New KOLs will be invited to promote exhibitor’s goods to online views onsite.


New Retail Summit

New retail summit is one of the key events in SIAL 2020. We will invite representatives form wholesalers, e-commerce platform, manufacturers, new brands, social e-commerce vendors, multi-channel networks, live streaming platform.


Chinese Cuisine Cooking Competition

Four activities in three days, including “Healthy Diet-21 Dishes", " Famous Chef Show ", " Special Cooking Skill Show", and " Chinese Cuisine Cooking Competition" will be collected to help everyone learn about health and nutrition.


Trend Forum

As the food and beverage industry enters a new era, the rise of digitalization, new brands, and supply chains is the most certain constant change of the future.


SIAL Coffee Brewing & Latte Competition

The two activities were jointly organized by Cafeculture and SIAL China.Latte Art SmackDown (LAS)is a free latte competition that evaluates a barista's basic and advanced latte skills.