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With the development of technology, the live broadcast industry has ushered in new development opportunities, and new business models such as e-commerce live broadcast and "live broadcast +" are developing rapidly. "Live broadcast + e-commerce" has attracted much attention from the industry, and technological innovation, coupled with the blessing of 5G technology, has brought huge opportunities for the development of the live broadcast industry. In order to reduce the threshold and cost of live broadcast for enterprises, and improve the efficiency of exhibitors, SIAL China launched the "livestreaming -visiting SIAL China" services during the exhibition, maximize exhibitors products exposure through different channels .

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Livestreaming visiting SIAL China: is one of the important online activities of SIAL China. It will present a 360-degree real visit experience to online audiences. The route includes product display of all exhibitors at the exhibition site, direct broadcasting of on-site activities, and the business matching for online viewers. In 2020, SIAL  China's on-live visiting SIAL  China received nearly 100,000 online visits and 10 thousand of online interactions. 

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