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New Retail Summit

New retail summit is one of the key events in SIAL 2021. We will invite representatives form wholesalers, e-commerce platform, manufacturers, new brands, social e-commerce vendors, multi-channel networks, live streaming platform. It delivers high-end content and social networking, can't missing business platform. 

New Retail Summit 2021

New Retail Summit 2021 is one of main forums of SIAL China 2021. The forum attracts global food and beverage industry leaders, venture capitalists and innovators to share topics like the food and beverage industry under the global economic situation, the development trend of high-quality agriculture and alternative protein, and the new growth point of the industry under new consumption.  Participating enterprises include Wahaha, Beyond Meat, Baman Technology, Matrix Partners China, Baijia Food, Meituan, etc.

2021 Summit Schedule

19th May
Time Theme Company
09:30-10:10 New insights into global economic
development trends in 2021
TBD guest, worldwide famous economist
10:10-10:40 Trend of China's economy in 2021 Wu Xiaoqiu, famous economist
10:40-11:00 How to build high quality agriculture to meet
the general trend of consumer upgrading
Gao Fang, Agricultural Product Quality and
Safety Center of Ministry of Agriculture
and Rural Affairs
11:00-11:20 New Landscape of food distribution
through E-commerce.
Jiangang Shen, GM of Hangzhou Wahaha
Group E-commerce Company
11:20-11:40 The future development trend of artificial meat Ivy Xu, Brand & PR Director Beyond Meat China
11:40-12:00 How can new food brands take more market
share in the new consumer era?
Tianyi Zhang, CEO of Baman Technology Co., Ltd.
14:05-14:10 Global food innovation trends Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Global General Manager
14:10-14:30 Comparison of trends in Asian and
European plant- based food
Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, Evidence Santé
Founder and CEO
14:30-14:50 Future market prospects for alternative proteins Wang Bingxing, vice president of
Matrix Partners China
14:50-15:10 How can plant-based startups break through? Gao Song, New Vegan Plant-based meat
15:10-15:30 About food innovation research and development. Lu Xue, founder of Meituan Black Pearl
15:30-15:50 How to successfully occupy the minds of the
younger generation in the new consumer wave?
Dai Guichun, GM of Business Department,
Baijia Convenience Food
15:50-16:10 How do emerging technologies create
new channels for food marketing
Ren Ni, Medicine and digital Interaction Tech Ltd
16:10-16:30 Future growth trend of food and
beverage in 2021
Wang Yudie, Kantar research leader
of Chinese Cuisines
16:30-16:50 Consumer catering and eating habits in 2021 Wang Yuxiang, Douguo Gourmet Founder and CEO
16:50-17:10 How food brands can connect online and
offline to enhance brand influence
Ren Bin, Tiying Media CEO