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Seafood Fest'

Seafood Fest’ explores the taste of fresh seafood during several live cooking demonstrations that elevate the Seafood Industry at SIAL Shanghai. In this way to bring ideas to the market of how to serve the seafood while preserve the original fresh. This event is in partnership with the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA).

Seafood Fest' 2021

The 9th Seafood Fest' is characterized by seafood and wine, which brings a wonderful enjoyment of taste to the audience.

It is jointly organized by SIAL Shanghai and CAPPMA. The event will last for three days in the E4F104 Hall of the SNIEC. Top global cooks are invited to select high-quality aquatic food materials and display the exquisite cooking skills on site. 

We will invite professional audience to taste the seafood and exchange the trend and hot topics of aquatic products industry, and famous wine tasting masters will come and show the way of food and wine matching, bringing a wonderful feast with seafood and wine.


2021 Event Schedule

18th May
Time Content Cooking Demonstration
10:40-12:40 Seafood From Norway Special Stage Cooking Performance: Salmon, Cod, Mackerel
Lunch Dishes: Salmon, Mackerel
13:00-15:00 GAA Special Stage Cooking Performance:shrimp cake, Sea Bream fillets, Prawn
Lunch Dishes: shrimp cake, Sea Bream fillets, Prawn
15:00-17:00 Zhoushan Special Stage Cooking Performance
Lunch Dishes: fish popcorn, Monkfish liver etc.

19th May
Time Content Cooking Demonstration
10:40-12:40 New South Wales, Australia Special Stage Cooking Performance: Oysters, Abalone
Lunch Dishes: Oysters, Abalone
12:50-14:20 Chile Special Stage Cooking Performance: Salmon etc
Lunch Dishes
14:30-16:30 ASC VIP Special Stage Lunch Dishes: Rushan Oysters, brine shrimp, Scallops

20th May
Time Content Cooking Demonstration
10:40-13:00 Participated Company Special Stage Cooking Performance:
1.Jing Lu Yuan Yang: Saury
2.Xin Jiang Tian Yun: Salmon
3.Queen of the Eels: kabayaki
4.Crotre: crocodile meat
5.Blueshrimp Seafood: South America peeled shrimp
6.Zoneco: Scarllops
7.SZAA: Tilapia fillets
8.Zhongyang Yu Tian Xia: Snake-headed fish fillets Lunch
Dishes: Saury, Scallops, Salmon, crocodile meat,
peeled shrimp, Tilapia, Snake-headed fish fillets