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SIAL Innovation

SIAL Innovation is a unique competition that encourages and promotes innovation in the food and packaging industry. 

The competition is open to all registered SIAL China exhibitors and is in partnership with XTC World Innovation, whose experts sit on the independent jury, evaluating submissions based on four criteria: recipe, nutrition, convenience, and environmental impact.

SIAL Innovation 2020

On 28th September 2020, the top 10 of 2020 SIAL innovation  were announced during SIAL China. The Golden prize was awarded to Roselle Chips which claimed by Lively Earth (Fujian) Agriculture Development Co., LTD, while Pear and Loquat Cream produced from a internet celebrity brand Li Zi Qi acquired the silver prize. The bronze was presented to a Swiss brand Brauerei Locher AG for  beer balsamic vinegar. 

Over 90,000 industrial professionals witness the award ceremony.  

2020 Grand Rewards

2020 TOP 10

Why Join Us

  • 1. In 2020 SIAL Innovation, all SELECTED products will be presented in showcases in the event area, so professional visitors within food and beverage industry can visit and browse all the innovative products;

  • 2. Showcase product on every SIAL network event all over the world; Paris, Montreal, India, Adu Dhabi and Jakerta (for awarded products only);

  • 3. Domestic and international promotion; media coverage before, during and after the exhibition;

  • 4. You are granted the full rights to use the SIAL Innovation 2020 logo free of charge to promote your product.