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China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup

Tea Fusion is specially designed to provide a platform pays tribute to the art of traditional tea brewing culture while celebrating the modern take on brewing. During a 3-day competition, contestants from around the world demonstrate their skill and creativity to the delight onlookers. Endorsed by Café Culture and Australasian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA), today’s tea event is more than a competition, but to demonstrate both brewing and blending skills with traditional Asian tea leaf. 

Tea Event 2019

The 5th edition of China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup was held in E4. During the 3-day competition 30 contestants demonstrated extraordinary skills through specialty appointed tea and personalize infusion sections to win the crown.

Relying on the accumulated experience on plant, processing and brewing, 4 judges withdrew the finalist according to their technique and professionalism.

2019 Winner List

Champion of WTBC Australia、Bakery Master:Danny Andrade

Second Place
Beijing:Yong wang Ma

Third Place
Qing xiang tea house of Taiwan Region:Ting xin Liao

2019 Event Schedule

14th May
Time Theme Participants
9:00-16:30 Round One:top 16 30 competitors

15th May
Time Theme Participants
9:00-16:30 Round One:top 8 16 competitors

16th May
Time Theme Participants
9:00-12:40 Final Round 8 competitors
12:40-13:40 Awarding Ceremony Awards to the Champion and 2nd, 3rd Places