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As the food and beverage industry enters a new era, the rise of digitalization, new brands, and supply chains is the most certain constant change of the future. How do brands “fast, accurately, stably, ruthlessly” to embrace the rapid development of the market? How to have the fast iteration of the target to replace new? How to start from 0 to 1, from 1 to 10, from 10 to 100?

SIAL Shanghai will host a number of forums and summits, including: Food Supply Chain Forum, Nutrition and Health Food Forum, Import Food Summit, Global Dairy Forum, International Meat Forum, E-commerce Merchants Forum, China Catering Forum and Food & Beverage Investment Forum which are in-depth discussions of business possibilities in the new food era from different dimensions and industries, and interpretations of innovation opportunities and paths.

Details of 8 Forums and Summits

Food Supply Chain Forum

With the shifting of final consumption to online and upgrading, food supply chain enterprises are facing the optimization and upgrading of management pattern. Representatives of imported food supply chain enterprises, fresh food supply chain enterprises and catering supply chain enterprises will be invited to participate in the forum and deliver keynote speeches to jointly explore new models of food supply chain. Food enterprise which has the supply chain service demand will also be invited to participate in the hearing. Details >>

Food & Beverage Investment Forum

The forum focusing on the future profit growth and investment trend analysis among food and beverage industry, will invite well-known investment institutions and funds to share newly investment trends, how to identify the potential food and beverage brands and will arrange 4 project roadshows. Details >>

Nutrition and Health Food Forum

With the people’s demand for the nutrition and health function of food increasingly extensive  and urgent, the market potential of healthy food and nutrition functional food is huge. In order to help food enterprises to follow the right trend and seize market opportunities, the forum will invite food industry professionals, healthy food enterprises, overseas experts and new technology representatives to deliver keynote speeches, share the innovation of new nutrition and health products, the key technologies of health convenience. Details >>

Import Food Summit

Due to the global epidemic still under uncertainty, the business model of imported food needs to be adjusted. The summit will invite representatives of imported food enterprises, overseas food brands, food safety regulatory agencies, leading advisory bodies, and representatives of imported food supply chains to deliver keynote speeches. It will discuss economic data analysis, newly updated trend, consumer data insights, and innovation insights.
Details >>

Global Dairy Forum

Since the consumption structure is changing, China has become the second largest dairy market in the world, bringing huge market opportunity to dairy enterprises. On the other hand, plant milk is booming in various market. The forum will invite the international well-known dairy product enterprise representative, the plant milk enterprise representative, the dairy product industry expert as well as the consumption data insight expert to deliver the keynote speech, to discuss the development trend and cooperation direction of global dairy industry.Details >>

China Catering Forum

The forum will focusing on the management of the restaurant under the new normal epidemic situation, and invite representatives and experts from well-known catering groups to share insights , trends forecast, share new business models, and the creation of new catering consumption scenarios.Details >>

International Meat Conference

Under the uncertain situation of global epidemic situation, the distribution and market development model is facing changes. Business representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the United States and France, as well as representatives from importers and wholesalers, will be invited to deliver keynote speeches, discuss the new international trading environment, policies and consumption trends. Details >>

E-commerce Merchants Forum

In order to meet the expanding demand of food enterprises for online channels, this year’s SIAL will held an on-line e-commerce platform’s merchant’s seminar. The forum will invite the key person from well-known online e-commerce platform to explain the new rules, operation tips. And will invite online experts to explain new online operation strategy. It is an important activity for food enterprises to expand their sales channels. This forum open for invited customers only.Details >>

IP Authorization Forum

“As a business model to promote high-quality development through cross-border cooperation, brand authorization has been widely recognized. In order to help food enterprises better grasp the direction of market demand and optimize business model, SIAL Shanghai will invite well-known brand licensors, international brand licensors and food enterprises to participate in the forum and deliver keynote speeches. Discussions will focus on authorized products, main modes of authorized cooperation and main evaluation dimensions of cooperation.Details >>

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