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In the Covid-19 uncertainty, Sial China, the biggest international food & beverage show in Asia, is launching this regular e-blast to connect international quality food suppliers with Chinese importers and distributors.


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Food in China: Top Marketing Strategies for F&B Brands


China is the land for huge opportunities for international F&B Brands in 2020.


Food in China is a huge Market, but why most International Food & Beverage Companies are not so successful?


China is known for a buoyant opportunity for International food companies at this moment in time. International companies are trying to break into the Chinese market not merely due to its unstoppable economic growth or for its inexpensive labor but rather for the increased purchasing power of its consumer market. China’s fast-expanding middle class is expected to triple their spending over the coming years, reaching $6 trillion by 2020. Multinational companies cannot afford to ignore the Chinese market, rather they are coming up with viable marketing solutions to target the second biggest consumer market in the world.

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