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SIAL China 2018 Offers Innovated Service and Experience to Welcome New Record of Exhibitors and Visitors

Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition, SIAL China welcomed a record number of exhibitors (3,200) and professional visits (101,134) in 2017. Exhibitors from 67 countries occupied 149,500 sqm of exhibition space and presented the latest products and food trends to professional visitors including, high-level governmental delegations and decision makers (83-percent). At SIAL China 2018, expanded dedicated Meat, Dairy, Wine, and Beverage zones, International Cold Chain Logistics Hall, visitor access to events, and theme specialty area will further promote commerce, culture, and innovation between Asian and international markets. SIAL China 2018 is estimated to welcome a new record number of visitors and exhibitors.

In 2017 China’s food market experienced many changes. According to a report released by the Boston Consulting Group and AliResearch[i], the upper-middle-class, affluent families and younger generations in China emerged to become the main consumer group and shaped food trends through their demand for quality, safe, and convenient products, and influenced marketing with their growing interest in food brands and original labeling. Now in its nineteenth year, SIAL China 2018 will continue to connect the Asian and international food industry, promote innovation and collaboration to meet new and changing consumer demand.

From May 16 to May 18, 2018, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, exhibitors from 21 food sectors, occupying 13 exhibition halls and 162,000 sqm will exhibit their products at SIAL China. Meat, Dairy, Wine, and Beverage remains four of the top food industry growth sectors in China and will have their own dedicated halls. Cold Chain Logistics remains one the sectors with the highest growth potential due to quickly growing fresh food e-commerce and on-demand industry. As a result, at SIAL China 2018, the designated International Cold Chain Logistic Hall will be expanded.

SIAL China's Events, a key attraction for visitors and exhibitors, will continue to collaborate with top associations and professionals like the World Associations of Chefs Societies (WACS) and Wine masters and renowned sommeliers. These collaborations will share the latest food innovations, trends, and techniques with visitors and exhibitors.

At SIAL China 2018, visitors and exhibitors will be able to experience cooking demonstrations at La Cuisine and Seafood Fest’. Learn from wine masters and renowned sommeliers at Wine Innovation Forum, watch a live dessert demonstration at Chocolate World, explore the essence of tea at the China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup, exchange inspiration at Retail & Hospitality Forum, learn the most current global consumption trends with World Tour, and see the most cutting-edge products at SIAL Innovation. Registration for SIAL Innovation 2018 will open at the beginning of January 2018.

“SIAL China 2017 was an incredible showcase of the latest food innovations and trends. With Asia’s food and beverage sectors experiencing strong growth and demand globally, we wanted to offer our exhibitors and professional visitors a smart platform that would support the further integration of Asian and global food markets.” Said Jim Liu, President of SIAL China.

To further enhance international cooperation and innovation at SIAL China 2018, the exhibition will also offer e-business services, including a Match-Making System and BAB platform. These platforms will allow participants to connect with each other based on their business interests. In 2017, 1,780 meetings were arranged using Match-Making System, a free service open to all exhibitors and pre-registered visitors offering targeted meeting arrangements and scheduling assistance. Using artificial intelligence technology, BAB platform connects businesses with other businesses, agents and alliances, effectively extending SIAL China from a three-day annual exhibition to a 365-day comprehensive global business platform.

SIAL China is dedicated to offering an immersive and international experience to exhibitors and professional visitors. For more information about SIAL China, or to register for SIAL China 2018, please go to The registration system for exhibitors and visitors will go online in early January 2018.