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THE BEET - February 18

The Year of the Pig: How China's "consumptionupgrade" is spurring innovation

SIAL CHINA·Monday,18 February 2019

FoodIngredients First has mentioned “premiumization, health and wellbeing,multi-sensorial experiences, personalized and targeted nutrition as well asbalancing taste and nutrition” as some of the key market and consumer trendsdriving growth in China’s food industry. Additional opportunities lie inplant-based diets which have a long history in the country, according to MindyZhang, Commercial Director Asia Pacific, Tate & Lyle. Go to Food Ingredients Firstto read the full article written by Gaynor Selby.

Food industry giants invest $4 million in vegan research

Photoby Ella Olsson

Interestin vegan food has brought three food industry giants together in a jointresearch programme named The Future of Food Innovative. The $4.11 millionprogramme aims to accelerate the development of healthy plant-based food andsustainable products and is backed by Nestlé, Bühler, aprocess engineering company; and Givaudan, the world’s leading manufacturer offlavors, fragrances, and cosmetic ingredients, according to Livekindly. Readthe full story written by Jemima Webber at Livekindly.

Chinese market drives sales growth of US fast food companyin 2018

Photoby Maxime Lebrun

Annualsales at Yum! Brands Chinese KFC and Pizza Hut businesses contributed stronglyto the company’s earnings announced February 8. In China during the fourthquarter, mobile payments accounted for 65 percent of company sales, whiledigital payments accounted for 86 percent of company sales in the quarter. Yum!Brands total portfolio generated over 49 billion US dollars in sales and endedthe year with over 48,000 restaurants globally. Read more on this story at Global Times.

South Korean import of food products from China worth 4.8billion in 2018

Photoby Jakub Kapusnak 

Accordingto the South Korean Food and Medicine Safety Office, the most popular importedproducts from China to South Korea in 2018 were kimchi, salt, and hot peppers.In total, South Korea imported 18.55 million tons of food products worth 27.4billion USD from 166 countries, an increase of 9.7% from the previous year.With imports valued at 6.43 billion, products from the USA were the mostpopular. You can read the full article at Fresh Plaza.


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