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Region of Honour

Since 2007, SIAL China has introduced the concept of region of honour / country of honour into the Chinese market. Every year, SIAL China cooperates with countries that are committed to promoting food and beverage products in the Chinese market. Through participating in activities such as opening ceremony, forums and summits, cooking demonstration, in-depth product promotion and exhibition are carried out.

Colours by Europe - W1E070-082

The five colours of green, orange, red, purple and white cover major product categories of fresh and processed meat products; dairy; olive oil and table olives; processed cereals and pasta, confectionery, pastry, jams and honey; and fruit and vegetables. The European Union set out to address this with its two-year Colours by Europe communications campaign, currently running in China, by introducing European food and beverage in an emotive way that communicates the heritage of individual products, while naturally encouraging the curious to explore high-quality ingredients and new pairings.

The EU pavilion covers 190 square meters. A total of 130 products have been selected to represent each Colours by Europe category and will be rotated throughout the three-day exhibition. Displays will give visitors opportunity to experience products and meet with experts to understand their relevance and opportunity within the context of intensifying Chinese demand for greater choice when it comes to high-quality and safe food and beverage products. 

2021 EU Event Schedule

Geographical Indications of the EU and China - E5

Extending the commitments of safety, quality, authenticity and sustainability internationally, Europe and China signed a bilateral agreement in September 2020 to protect around 200 iconic European and Chinese agri-food names - the Geographical Indications (GIs) - against usurpation and counterfeit imitation, bringing mutual trade benefits and introducing consumers to guaranteed, authentic products from two regions with a rich culinary and cultural tradition. Coming into effect in March this year, the landmark agreement reflects the willingness of the EU and China to deliver on their commitments made at previous EU-China Summits and to adhere to international rules as a basis for trade relations.

Cooking Demonstrations - W1

The event is dedicated to exploring and showcasing EU agri-food products in use, with two live cooking demonstrations each day. The interactive sessions will showcase EU products from seafood, beef and dairy products to wine, fruits, chocolate and others. As well as demonstrating how these ingredients may be incorporated into both Chinese and Western recipes, the chefs will also explore innovative pairings with local Chinese ingredients.

Chef Fabio Falanga has been based in Beijing since 2009 but hails from Napoli, Italy. His style is known for combining traditional Mediterranean cuisine with heart-warming Italian family recipes.

A firm favourite among his 680,000 followers on Weibo, chef Tony Jiang is founder and director of Tascovery Gourmet Studio and vice president of Disciples Escoffier China Delegation. Don't miss his understanding of wine pairing to enjoy the full experience of European dining.