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  Exhibitor Questions:

Enterprises from China can contact Beijing sales team according to your product sector.
For more exhibiting information:
Tel: 010-8579 4294
Email: [email protected].
Overseas exhibitors please contact:
[email protected].

You can also leave us a message through official LinkedIn account (SIALChina) or Facebook account (SIALChina).
We welcome all product kinds in food and beverage sector to showcase in SIAL Shanghai. In 2021, SIAL Shanghai will specifically focus on 3 highlight sectors and 2 theme village to catch up global trend. Whether you are engaged in domestic trade or import and export business, you can exchange business thoughts with 123, 000+ professionals and seek for cooperation through SIAL Shanghai platform.

Please note, SIAL Shanghai is a B2B trade fair and an on-site sale is strictly forbidden.
It is required that oversea visitors can only enter the venue by providing a nucleic acid testing report, a release approve from quarantine and original passport document. Passport need to be photographed for record.

Foreigners resident in China must demonstrate the "Shanghai QR code", the original passport document at entrance.

For the latest COVID-19 news in China, please click:
SHANGHAI EXPOTRANS LTD will be the official goods transportation of SIAL Shanghai 2021. They can help to arrange goods transit from abroad into Shanghai and complete customs clearance.

Food is under the special supervision of the state, and it is regulated under strict and meticulous customs policies. Regulatory requirements for documentation and disposal are varied across product classification. In general, SHANGHAI EXPOTRANS LTD will inform individual exhibitor compulsory documents and other notification need for clearance based on exhibitors’ product lists.

Please check national restrict categories policy (including dairy products, aquatic products, meat, fresh fruits, food crops, seeds, etc.) and prohibited policy (region and categories) through:
For imported food exhibits, after the import declaration completed, Shanghai Customs will collect samples and send them to the laboratory for inspection to ensure food safety. The sampling rate is about 20% of the declared quantity of each category. If the inspection results do not comply with the national food safety regulations, the exhibits of this category will be required to be forcibly evacuated from the booth, stop the display, and be destroyed.

For imported cold chain food exhibits, Shanghai Customs will conduct nucleic acid testing in outer packaging in accordance with the requirements of national epidemic prevention and control measures. The measure will be managed by the customs in a closed loop after the goods arrive at the Shanghai port (port and airport), and the whole inspection process will take 7 to 14 days. The exhibits can be exhibited only after passing the test.

Cold chain food exhibits must be closed for display and must not be directly exposed to the air; and they are for display only and must not be tasted or consumed. After the exhibition, the exhibits will be collected by SHANGHAI EXPOTRANS LTD and sent to the designated place of Shanghai Customs for destruction.
For more information, please contact SHANGHAI EXPOTRANS LTD, email: [email protected], Tel: + 86 18016243423.
It will be released in mid-January, 2021. Within the manual, you may find constructor lists, bare booth design proposal approval date, lorry entrance conditions and all other exhibiting notice. Please pay attention to SIAL Shanghai official website or contact sales staff for updates.
You could enter the exhibition hall through South Lobby, North Lobby or East Lobby.
South Lobby will be used for the main entrance during SIAL Shanghai 2021.
All exhibitors could enter sigh up and claim badges in South Lobby.
SIAL Shanghai is an international, professional and B2B one-stop service platform. Every year, professionals from different food and beverage sectors gather together to visit, procure and exchange ideas through SIAL Shanghai platform.

Professional visitors are mainly from:
Trade and retail domain, including: importers and exporters, distributors, agents, wholesalers, bulk group purchases, supermarkets, high-end food stores, convenience stores, discount stores, duty-free stores, other retailers, community purchases, e-commerce, etc.
HORECA domain, including: hotels, restaurants, fast food chain, cafe / drink bar, bakery, banquet / caterer, etc.
Food processing and manufacture domain, including: functional personnel of production and processing enterprises who have decision-making power or purchasing power.
Supermarkets: CR Vanguard, Walmart, Bravo YH, Lianhua, Carrefour, Wumart, LOTUS, BHG, Aeon, Auchan, NGS, CSF Market, Tiankelong, etc.

Convenience store: Meiyijia, Hongqi, FamilyMart, Shizu, LAWSON, 7-Eleven, Kuai-ke, C-store, etc.

E-commence: Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao,, Amazon, Suning, Meituan,,,, GOME,, quanqiuwa, etc.

Trading: COFCO, Shanghai Tangjiu (Joymax, Firstfood), SINODIS, CORTTI, GF, ASC Fine Wines, Summergate, etc.

Hotel group:Intercontinental Group, Marriott International Group (including Sheraton Group) , Hilton Group, Jin Jiang Hotels.

Catering:Haidilao、Yoshinoya、Xiabuxiabu, etc.
Relying on the international brand influence of SIAL and 20-year exhibition organize experience in China, SIAL Shanghai has established solid cooperative partnership with more than 150 media to broadcast the show throughout preparation, organization and review phase.

At the same time, SIAL Shanghai has established a complete social media matrix, including WeChat, Douyin, Baidu, Toutiao, Zhihu and Dayu, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These channels combined to make a unity in brands promotion, industry insight, news track and opinions convey.
SIAL Shanghai will, as always, cooperate with all kinds of media to provide in-depth report of the exhibition, expand the influence of SIAL Shanghai and attract professional buyers to visit and purchase.

Mainstream media: Xinhua News Agency, Renmin Ribao, Economic Daily, China News Service, China Economic Information Service,, China Youth Daily, China Securities Journal, China Daily,,, sohu,com,,,,, etc.

Industry media:China Food Newspaper, China Food Safety News, Food Global Industry, China Food Industry,, China Sweets Industry, Newfood, Science and Technology of Food Industry, e-foodtech, Imp-Exp Executive, Greatchef, Chinese Cuisine, Global Gourment, Gourmand, TasTao, Seafood Guide, 21food,,,,,,, Food2China,, Jiumei,,, etc.

Other media: Toutiao, focusmedia, etc.
We will continue to launch target buyer invitation program, Match Me in 2021 which aims to seek target suppliers for buyers with clear procurement purpose.

You can upload company information through SIAL Shanghai Exhibitor Center ( from January 2021. We will inform you in the first time if potential buyers expressed interest.
Our signature activities, including: SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine, Tea, Chocolate World and Seafood Fest’ will be held in 2021 as scheduled. In addition, we scheduled nine themed forums or submit to help the industry acknowledge trend and obtain thinking. Four Chinese Cuisine Cooking Competitions will also be demonstrated to showcase the diversity of Chinese food. Numbers of livestreaming will broadcast in concurrent with the show to improve the exposure of exhibitors' products and empower enterprises both digitally and intelligently.

If you would like to participate in the event or become a forum speaker, please contact: [email protected]
Domestic and international exhibitors please contact: [email protected], + 86 (0) 10 8579 4294.
SIAL Shanghai has been launched into Chinese market for over 20 years. It is a leading professional trade show in food and beverage industry in China and even in Asia. Once you are a confirmed exhibitor of SIAL Shanghai 2021, your brand will be promoted to 123,000+ professionals during the 3-day exhibition, which will be able to attract potential sales leads for your business. By join the Match Me program, you can meet target buyers in the first time.

Self-match making service, Online Marketplace, enables you to actively seek potential partner who has already registered with SIAL Shanghai 2021 as visitors. This digital intelligence technology allows to communicate with the target partners with their intentions before the exhibition, which will shorten the decision cycle of buyers and improve the efficiency of exhibitors.

  Visitor Questions:

Log in to the SIAL Shanghai Visitor Center: , follow the steps to complete the registration. A confirmation barcode will then automatically produce for entry. Please bring barcode and original ID document with you at admission to exchange visitor badge.
If you want to join SIAL Shanghai 2021 as a delegation, please contact: [email protected] for further help.
SIAL Shanghai is a professional B2B trade show in food and beverage industry. We welcome all industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, e-commerce, catering services and new retail enterprises to visit. Minors under age of 18 and non-professionals are not allowed to enter.

If you have clear purchasing target, you may wish to join target buyer program, Match Me. We will provide a list of potential desired suppliers according to your requirement and improve visiting efficiency.
Please log in to Visitor Center through:, follow the steps to complete the registration. We will verify your identity, and send you barcode once complete verify. With this barcode and your original ID card, you can exchange a media badge at admission onsite.

For further cooperation, please contact: 010-6588 3583, [email protected] .
From May 18 to 20, visitors can enter into Shanghai New International Expo Center through three entrance lobbies, including: South Lobby, North Lobby and East Lobby) to acquire a badge with ID cards and pre-registration barcode.
We have an "online exhibitors list" within the Visit page of official website, so all visitors can check exhibitors in advance. The exhibitor list of SIAL Shanghai 2021 will be launched in February.

You can also log in to the Visitor Center:, enter Online Marketplace by selecting product, industry and other information to make appointment with target suppliers and arrange meetings during the exhibition.
This system will be launched in April 2021.
Our signature activities, including: SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine, Tea Event, Chocolate World and Seafood Fest’ will be held in 2021 as scheduled. In addition, we scheduled nine themed forums or submit to help the industry acknowledge trend and obtain thinking. Four Chinese Cuisine Cooking Competitions will also be demonstrated to showcase the diversity of Chinese food. Numbers of livestreaming will broadcast in concurrent with the show to improve the exposure of exhibitors' products and empower enterprises both digitally and intelligently.

If you would like to join in events or become a forum speaker, please contact: [email protected]

Schedules will be announced simultaneously through official website and WeChat from March. Please pay close attention to them.
SIAL Shanghai has been engaged in the Chinese market for over 20 years and it is a leading professional trade show in food and beverage industry in China and even Asia. After registered as a visitor, you can browse both classic and latest products of 4500+ food and beverage companies at one time during 3-day exhibition. In the meantime, you can obtain industry information and make procurement efficiently.

If your company has a clear procurement target, you may wish to join target buyer program, Match Me. We will help to introduce potential supplier for you.

You can also log in to the Online marketplace of SIAL Shanghai prior to exhibition to check exhibitors who have confirmed to showcase in SIAL Shanghai 2021. Through this digital intelligence platform, you may communicate with target suppliers and meet during show. This can shorten the your decision period and improve the efficiency.

On the other hand, we will also hold diverse events during the exhibition to elevate the height of thinking. While looking for potential partners, you will have an in-depth discussion with industry leaders on future development trends, innovation opportunities, and so on.

  General Questions:

SIAL Shanghai 2021 will be held on May 18th -20th, 2021.
SIAL Shanghai 2021 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong District, Shanghai, China.
It is anticipated that SIAL Shanghai 2021 will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre with area of 200,000㎡, continuing to build a global platform by welcoming 4500+ food and beverage enterprises and delve into the enormous market of China by attracting 123,000+ professional visitors.
SIAL Shanghai 2021 will be held in Hall W1-W5, E1-E7 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, May 18th - 20th, 2021. Collocated events in Hall N1-N5 will be BE SPIRITS CHINA 2021, Food packaging machine exhibition, Food processing equipment and machinery exhibition, etc.
Shanghai New International Expo Center is located at 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New area, Shanghai. You could get there by taxis, private cars and public transportation.

If you are in Shanghai, you can go there by: Metro Line 7, Huamu Road Station, walk to the 2# entrance Hall (North Hall); Metro Lines 2 and 16, Longyang Road Station, exit 3.

Free shuttle bus: To facilitate the visit, we provide buses to the exhibition hall at Longyang Road Station. You are welcome to take it.

It is 32 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport, 33 kilometers from Pudong Airport, 24 kilometers from Hongqiao Railway Station, 12 kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station and 19 kilometers from Shanghai South Railway Station.
We do offer business travel services to qualified exhibitors and visitors, including invitation letter, accommodations and flights booking, etc. Please contact:
Visa application: Shanghai Vision: [email protected]
Hotel booking: Shanghai Pengcheng: [email protected]
Everyone needs to complete ID verification online during pre-registration stage. The ID verify is also required at entrance, as well as wearing mask.

We will carry out safety governance at each entry and exit within the venue, and measure individuals’ temperature and verify identity. Medical quarantine points and ambulances are set up onsite to deal with emergencies at any time. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer will be equipped at main entrances and exits, so that visitors or exhibitors can disinfect their hands when they enter venue. The exhibition hall will be ventilated regularly every day.

In order to protect the environment, save energy, reduce contact and empower enterprises both digitally and intelligently comprehensively, exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to register by scanning the QR code on the spot, reduce the replacement process of filling out the form on site, and enter the venue with the QR code to self-print the badge.
If you have any exhibit enquiry, you are welcome to send an email to [email protected] at any time. If you have visit enquiry, you are welcome to send an email to [email protected] at any time. You are also welcome to follow us and leave messages on social media WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
If you have signed up for the exhibiting, you can contact your sales customer service directly and they will answer your questions.
Official Wechat Subscription Account: SIALChina
Official Wechat Service Account: SIALChinaSCV
Official Facebook account: @ SIALChina.
Official LinkedIn account: @ SIALChina
Official Twitter account: @SIALChina