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Agropur Export Group Inc. IN SIAL CHINA

Agropur Export Group Inc. IN SIAL CHINA 2016


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Agropur Export Group Inc. Main Products

Dairy products, eggs; Milk powder; Other cheese; Other dairy products; Grocery products; Edible oil; Condiments & seasonings; Grains & cereals; Tea and herb for infusion; Coffee and coffee substitutes; Dried and/or dehydrated vegetables; Other grocery products;

About Agropur Export Group Inc.

The authentic fine cheeses offered by Agropur, the largest dairy cooperative in Canada, are the pride of our 3,500 dairy farmers. Our long-standing traditions and values make us passionate about what we do best: crafting the very finest dairy products for you and your family.



Brand:Chèvre des Alpes soft cheese;Crème Grand Cheddar 3 years ;Le Chèvre Noir;L'Extra Double Cream Brie;L'Extra Grand Camembert;OKA ;OKA L'Artisan;Spreadable Chèvre des Alpes Plain

Category:Dairy products, eggs